"It all has to start somewhere right?!"


Want to create your own wavetables? Generate tons of interesting lo-fi waves that excel in percussive sounds? Or just want an oscillator that can produce rich harmonic textures? This may be a Bang for your buck!

Bang is a lo-fi digital wavetable oscillator inspired by old game consoles.

However it takes a totally new approach to wavetable synthesis: within a cycle it switches between so called chunks that are indexed as odd or even numbers. Waves can be assigned to these odd or even chunks, which allows for complex waveforms. The result is aliased, rich and absolute fun! 


The module comes with six libraries containing 12 waves each. And user wave libraries can even be created using the supporting application for Mac and Windows. 

- Reverse power protection

- Overvoltage protected inputs​

- 100k Input impedance

- Stepped & smooth pitch tracking

- 72 User customisable wavetables

- Unique waveshaping algorithm

- 1024 Sample waves

- 12Bit output

- 44.1kHz Samplerate

- Dedicated wave creation application


Depth (Back):

Depth (Front):


Max @ +12V:

Max @ -12V:








excl. 21% VAT


incl. 21% VAT

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 14.11.14.png

With the Bang application you can create your own wavetable libraries to be uploaded to the module with a SD-card.


- Draw samples

- Sine function

- Line function

- Random function

- Insert audio file

- Adjust chunk size

- Edit and copy parts of cycle

- Oscilloscope

- Useful grids

- Save and insert full libraries

- Copy/paste

- Undo/redo