After much thought and consideration the time has come to say goodbye to Livestock Electronics. During the Covid pandemic I started to think about the next steps to take with the modules. And realised that they were hard for me to maintain. It took a lot of time and effort to manufacture. And as a result I did not have time to do anything else, everything was just unbalanced...

A couple of specialised chips used in the designs were also being discontinued, which led me to being unable to manufacture most of them. Still the whole Livestock experience has been great; I met a lot of great people, learned a lot and got so much positive feedback. So thanks for that!

I have plans to continue in Eurorack, so this is not a goodbye. It will just not happen within the Livestock brand. Looking forward to starting a new chapter in my Eurorack adventure!

I'll keep on giving support for the Livestock modules and updates whenever I can. If you need support or have a malfunctioning module you can contact me at:

All downloadable content for Livestock can be found here:


Latest firmwares:

Bang v1.1

Ellis v1.0.3.

Leap v1.1

Maze v1.2.2.

Hope to see you again soon!